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Track construction and renewals

VolkerRail's detailed understanding of track design, construction, renewal and replacement techniques has derived from years of experience on high speed main lines, commuter routes, freight lines, depots, sidings and private industrial locations.

Our skills range covers every aspect of permanent way renewals; from component exchange to the highest technical levels of mechanised on-track machine activity and track construction, including the design, plan, supply and installation of:

  • Plain line (all gauges and construct types)
  • Switches and crossings (all construction types)
  • Track construction in/on slabs and road surfaces
  • Crane rails
  • Level crossing renewals
  • Harmelen Level crossings
  • Track lowering
  • Switching and crossing remodelling using the new modular techniques and tilting wagons

Our in-house specialist teams have successfully delivered projects for a vast range of clients, each with different site specific requirements, complexities, timescales and standards from inception to physical completion at site and hand back.

We also offer re-sleepering/re-timbering, re-railing, component overhaul, tolerance and adjustment/correction, ballasting and management of operating mechanisms and switches.

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