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25 year long service - Jo Saunby

Jo Saunby, resource coordinator at VolkerRail, has this year reached 25 years long service with the company. We spoke to Jo and found out how the family culture embedded within our offices and on our sites has ensured a good environment for her to succeed.

Jo Saunby - Edit

Where it began

Jo began working for VolkerRail under its former guise, Grant Lyon & Eagre on a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) in 1993. The YTS, known now as an apprenticeship, saw Jo working four days a week as well as attending college one day and one evening a week. After completing her YTS, Jo was offered a permanent administration assistant position, working across various departments, including business development and estimating. 

“In just a short time I was promoted to work alongside the safety and standards director, as a safety performance coordinator. Over the next seven years I helped to develop the company’s safety procedures and standards as well as the contractors and railway safety case documents. I was also part of the team that developed the safety statistics, still being used today – IFR and AFR rates.” 

Jo continued to develop her career, being promoted into two more positions - health and safety officer and assistant duty controller before eventually taking up the role she is doing today. 

“As a resource coordinator in VolkerRail’s Plant division, I’m responsible for assigning machine operators and maintainers to the relevant machines, and ensuring everything is in line with fatigue management guidelines, client requests and maintenance schedules.”

Big changes

Looking back over the 25 years, Jo recalls one of the biggest changes to have occurred. 

“When I started, all correspondence was either by letter, memo or fax – most of which were either handwritten or produced on an electric typewriter. Now it’s e-mails, smartphones and texting. Technology has grown and moved forward in a positive way, but the changes we had to make to keep up were huge. Thankfully, VolkerRail were always making sure that the team was included in the development, so we knew what was going to happen and had the chance to input our ideas. 

“Looking back, I am proud to have been part of a team that were moving forward with health and safety development. Knowing it was VolkerRail who identified the need for health and safety statistics and being part of the team that contributed to that development is a good feeling. 

“It really doesn’t feel like 25 years since I started, but I’m very proud to have worked for VolkerRail for so long. Everyone I’ve worked with has helped me and made my career a happy one. There have been ups and downs, but my friends and colleagues have been there to give me support and advice whenever I have needed it. 

“If I had to choose again, I would not change my decision to spend 25 years with VolkerRail.”