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Early careers

If you are looking to start your career in the construction industry, why not see how those within VolkerRail have succeeded; through graduate and apprentice schemes. 

James Matthewson (2)

James Matthewson

Junior Electrical Engineer

James joined VolkerRail in 2013 on an apprenticeship scheme and has since progressed into a junior electrical engineer role.

“Every day I work here I learn more and more and I want to progress further in engineering. I really enjoy working here and I get plenty of opportunities to try new things.

"The support I get from my managers and mentors is great, we have regular meetings and catch ups where they take in interest in what I am doing and how we can progress further."

Watch James' story here

Cloe Bott

Cloe Bott

OLE Engineering Apprentice


Cloe has been with the company since September 2015, joining up as an engineering apprentice specialising in overhead line electrification.


“VolkerRail support me, not just in the work I am set, but they always encourage my development and push me to train in as many areas as I can.


“If I had to give advice to anybody considering applying for VolkerRail’s apprenticeships, I would tell them to just go for it.


“That’s what I did when I wasn’t sure and if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found a job I like so much. I applied, got it and have enjoyed it ever since.”

Dave Branton

Dave Branton

Junior Electrical Engineer

In 2013 Dave joined VolkerRail as an apprentice and is now a junior electrical engineer. As a junior electrical engineer Dave is given the opportunity to contribute on a number of large scale projects across the country.


“Since starting here in 2013, VolkerRail have given me lots of opportunities to progress and there is more for me to learn in the future. I can see a clear career path ahead of me and hope to move up to a project engineer position in the future.


"My mentors give me the chance to excel on a day to day basis and the opportunity to work on major projects.”

Noemie Powell

Noemie Powell

Civil Engineering Graduate

Noemie joined VolkerRail in August 2017 in a graduate role after completing a master’s degree in civil and structural engineering at The University of Sheffield.

“I have always been interested in the construction industry and working at VolkerRail allows me to experience both design and construction.

“I have found that everyone in my team is willing to share their knowledge and help me learn.

“As a graduate, being able to learn from people who have more experience than me in the rail industry has been vital. My managers have been very supportive, giving me lots of independence and responsibility.

“I feel valued at VolkerRail and I really enjoy the work I do.”