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Meet Helen Morgan

Having re-entered the work environment, after taking time off to raise a family, Helen Morgan, innovation coordinator, is now celebrating 20 years’ service with VolkerRail. Here is her story.

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Why did you join VolkerRail?

After 18 years of working for British Steel, I left to start a family, taking a four-year gap to raise my children. I then came across a job advert for a part time receptionist, which sounded and felt like the perfect role to get me back into the work environment. I was fortunate enough to be offered the role at VolkerRail’s – or GrantRail as it was back then - head office, which at the time was located in Scunthorpe, and was close to where I live.

Returning to work, after taking time off was great, although on occasions challenging; juggling being a parent and an employee, but VolkerRail was understanding, and working within a great team made coming to the office an enjoyable experience.

What was it like when you joined VolkerRail?

When I joined VolkerRail in early 2001, there was an immediate welcoming feeling, where you were made to feel at home – something I still hear new employees say today!

How has your role changed over the years?

When the head office moved to Doncaster in mid-2001, I applied and was offered the role of personal assistant to VolkerRail’s plant director, opting to remain local to my home, and starting my career within VolkerRail’s plant division.

In 2018, I decided it was time for a change, and moved into my current role as innovation coordinator. This role has given me the chance to get involved with so many of the positive changes that are being adopted across the business, allowing us to encourage creativity and drive change together. This role also gives me the opportunity to engage with colleagues from a multitude of areas, which has been a real pleasure.

It’s funny, but so many people assume innovation is for the younger generation, those with high levels of digital expertise and vast creativity, but as I’ve developed in this role, I can safely say it’s not.  Some of the best ideas implemented are actually some of the simplest – it’s about finding the simplest solution to a problem. I’ve really enjoyed watching these ideas grow whilst helping to expand some of the solutions.

What is a career highlight of yours?

Out of many enjoyable highlights, which I’ve experienced over the years whilst supporting the plant director and the plant management team, the one that stands out is witnessing the introduction of new large plant, particularly watching the arrival of VolkerRail’s (then) new Kirow 250 cranes, followed by, in recent years, further additions to our fleet, within the hired plant and on track machine departments.

How does it feel to have reached 20 years’ service with VolkerRail?

The years have flown by! VolkerRail is a great company to work for, and I feel valued. It’s this feeling that motivates me to start each day with a smile.