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Gauge corner restoration welding

VolkerRail has developed, in partnership with Corus Rail Technologies, a suite of preparation, welding, power generation and finishing equipment, which allows in-situ repair of wear and defects to embedded grooved rail.

Weld repair of high carbon steel rails has been practiced, employing both manual metal arc and submerged arc techniques but they require a high temperature preheating of the rails. However, the polymer surrounding the grooved rail starts to break down at around 160°C; well below the operational temperature of a high temperature process. Although a no preheat solution has been available for the medium carbon grades 700/800, a solution avoiding the need for high temperature preheat was required for the more wear resistant grade 260 rail steel.

With Corus, we have developed a procedure for steel grades 220 and 260 that uses a "chill removal" pre-treatment to closely control the ensuing metallurgical transformation. This novel approach, when combined with selection of the welding parameters and consumables, has delivered a robust weld deposit that work hardens rapidly to give a hard wear resistant layer.

Using this gauge corner restoration welding method, our deposition welding team can assist infrastructure managers to extend the life of their asset, restoring and ensuring consistent track quality.

Key benefits include:

  • Minimal asset downtime (typically 2-8 hours overnight)
  • Use of high speed inflatable tenting to reduce light and noise pollution
  • Rail profile restoration repair without disruption to surrounding infrastructure
  • Improved surface hardness extending asset life in track
  • International experience and expertise

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