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High output wiring system

During 2009 VolkerRail developed and UK certified, a three module high output wiring system, that enables conductor renewal at line tension, maximising the length of renewed section in periods of limited availability.

high output wiring train

Our plant and electrification divisions have combined their competency, skills and experience to create an integrated team which can safely isolate and earth, renew conductor and re-energise as a turnkey operation.

Modular units

The individual units consist of:

  • Winding in module for recovery of two conductors: catenary and contact wire under tension in one pass. The conductors are recovered under the required tension (adjustable on the machine) and coiled onto the wiring drums located on the machine. Recovering the conductors in this way ensures safety of all personnel involved and facilitates easy and efficient disposal of old wire.
  • Winding out module enables two new conductors: contact and catenary to be installed under the desired tension (adjustable on the machine) facilitating a safe, efficient and defect free installation.
  • Large elevated work platform for disconnection, reconnection and registration. Enabling competent staff to work safely when clipping in the new conductors and registering the equipment

Benefits of the system and partnership include:

  • Flexible, modular machine operation, allowing six cost effective operational configurations maximising efficiency
  • Manned by highly skilled NVQ qualified maintainer operators to ensure reliability
  • Fast, safe, flexible on and off tracking of the three modules
  • Integrated, turnkey package, single client management interface
  • High speed conductor removal and replacement in one pass
  • Strong environmental awareness on site


   Gamma module   Delta module    Winding in module  Winding out module 
Mass (tonnes)  27  27 27 27
Working curve radius (metres)  80  80 80 80
Speed - Self propelled (mph)  60  60  60 60
Performance  12000 (platform in mm)  350 (kg load) 1000(metres/hr) 1000(metres/hr)

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