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Kirow 250 / 810 /1200 rail mounted cranes

VolkerRail has continually invested in leading edge technology including state of the art rail mounted cranes. We have a crane fleet ranging from the Kirow 1200, with its 125 tonne capacity, a 100 tonne Kirow 810, and two extremely flexible lightweight Kirow 250s which undertake 25 tonne lifts individually, or are able to operate in tandem.

Kirow 250 cranes working in tandem

Our experienced crane specialists are client focussed and provide a first class service, which includes provision of detailed solutions for challenging lifts. Key benefits associated with our cranes include:

  • Safe and efficient handling of trackside structures and infrastructure materials
  • Cost effective planning and solutions to challenging lift requirements
  • Maximum use of limited possession times
  • Safer projects through increased mechanisation and reduced human interface
  • Flexible approach to width and height limitations of constrained infrastructure
  • Strong environmental awareness at all times

We are at the forefront of Network Rail's Modular S&C renewal programme and already have a proven ‘track' record safely handling traditional Plain Line and S&C equipment of all types, including:

  • 34 tonne ‘G'-Switch panels
  • 60 foot panels with concrete sleepers
  • Signal and OLE gantries
  • Modular level crossings
  • Civil engineering plant and equipment
  Kirow 1200  Kirow 810 Kirow 250 
Mass (tonnes) 116 108 100 
Working curve radius (metes)  70 70 60
Speed - self propelled (mph) 15 15 15
Performance (tonnes lifted) 120 100 25

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