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Mobile Flash Butt welding equipment

VolkerRail’s mobile Flash Butt welding machine is proven to provide a high output performance on a variety of rail steels and rail profiles. The equipment offers increasingly excellent value as the number of welds available increases.


Our specialist mobile flash butt welding team provides a turn-key service for all main line, metro and urban rail renewals and maintenance and enhancement installations. A cost effective, flexible and proactive approach to environmental, time and access constraints all help to maximise the benefits of this technology, which includes: 

  • Weld and stress, including closure welds in one single operation
  • Turn-key service offering a complete weld management solution, minimising risk and cost
  • On and off tracking in the most difficult of environments
  • Minimised possession and access requirements due to modular configuration
  • Non-standard rail profiles including grooved and heavy rail as standard
  • Strong environmental awareness
  • Rapid response to client's requirements
  Flash Butt Welder (with RRV)
Mass (tonnes)  43
Working curve radius (metres)  80
Speed - self propelled (mph)  30
Performance (welds/shift)  50

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