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Immingham East Junction Signal Box Renewals


VolkerRail was contracted by Network Rail to replace the existing signal box and mechanical slide lever frame, controlled by a route relay interlocking system, at Immingham east with a new modular signal box. The new system now houses an NX panel interface, with a new solid state interlocking unit in an adjacent relocatable equipment building, along with controlling equipment housings for the signalling equipment.

Key works completed by the team included:

  • Track circuits
  • Automatic and train protection and warning systems
  • Replacement of absolute block sections with DC medium voltage track circuits
  • Plain lining of points
  • Junction remodelling
  • Renew all power supply point equipment
  • Extending the existing brick built building, including unique power supply and standby diesel generator; along with the three 650v lineside feeders

Nine VMS LED signals and lightweight structures were also installed. Relatively new to the market at the time, the team were required to attend training at the manufacturers factory to learn the correct installation methods.

Interfacing with utilities companies for both provision of water to the signal box and for a domestic electrical supply from the DNO operators was a challenge faced by the team; this supply required planning permission with other land owners to allow the works to commence. Bird nesting surveys and both an asbestos and bat survey were required within the old signal box before it was demolished.

VolkerRail also had to communicate works with Associated British Ports for road closures and the North Lincolnshire Council for their approval of the Humber Road PSP access road design, to allow deliveries of materials to be undertaken and construction plant to move around safely.

This project was also undertaken in parallel with the S&C remodelling works at Immingham. This required VolkerRail to hold a number of meetings with Network Rail's IMT contractor - Babcock, to combine the two programmes; ensuring both were successfully completed during the 10 day blockade.

Facts and figures

  • Client
    Network Rail
  • Value
  • Duration
    14 months
  • Role
    Principal contractor
  • Project categories

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