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Quadruple Colmar lift - Stafford


Working together, VolkerRail's Colmar T10000’s successfully undertook a quadruple lift operation of a 'H' switch for the Staffordshire Alliance.

Usual methods for such a lift would see the company utilise its Kirow 250’s in tandem lift move however, due to a logistical problem which prevented road mobile cranes accessing the site, alternative means of undertaking the lift needed to be found.

The ‘H’ switches which are in excess of 40 metres in length were delivered to the site on an engineering train; once positioned the switches were offloaded by the Colmar’s, ready for installation.

In preparation of the slinging of each lifting beam, each Colmar was positioned against the engineering train on the adjacent line. Controlled by four of the company’s highly trained machine operators and under the instruction of one lead crane controller the team firstly tested the load for even distributed. Once satisfied the load was evenly balanced and acceptable the lift commenced to raise the switch clear of the engineering train.

Once the train was clear the lead crane controller gave instructions to the operators to slew the load into the given position before lowering to the ground. 

The success of this lift was a demonstration of the strengths of our machines, the skills of our operators and controller and the details planning taken in advance of the works.

Facts and figures

  • Client
    Staffordshire Alliance
  • Value
  • Duration
    One week
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