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White Rose Way


Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) widened the existing A6182 Link Road (White Rose Way) which ran from the M18 motorway to Doncaster and over the national network.

To widen the single carriageway into a to a dual carriageway a new bridge was constructed, to span the railway to the south of the existing bridge for eastbound traffic.

Along with clearing the area ready for the new bridge VolkerRail also altered the overhead line electrification and signalling cable to accommodate the proposed bridge and its construction. Both DMBC and Network Rail required the overhead line to be free running beneath the new and existing bridge soffits for maintenance purposes.

Work completed by the company included signalling and testing works as well as a lift and shift of the existing signal route, to allow the north bridge pier construction. The team also: 

  • Installed a four track OLE portal
  • Installed two TTC's and three mast structures
  • Installed iwo new switching arrangements
  • Removed a head structure
  • Remove a TTC Boom
  • Reduced a mast to the new height.       

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