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Providing a safe, responsible, efficient and healthy work environment to the benefit of all employees, sub-contractors and other stakeholders is key to our success.


We maintain a fully integrated management system that incorporates procedures, plans, work instructions and improvement initiatives. This system is tailored to the exacting needs of the railway engineering and construction environment and ensures compliance with current legislation.

Our AIM is to ensure consistency and understanding in an open culture which will safeguard the effectiveness and success of the business going forward.

Our AIM encompasses the following key messages:

  • Attitude: actively encourage positive behaviour and actions to ensure a safe, responsible,efficient and healthy working environment for all our employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders.
  • Influence: leading by example and ensuring all employees have the opportunity to influence their own working environment, and that of others through effective two way communication.
  • Management: fair and consistent treatment of all employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders through listening, involvement and recognition.

In ensuring a healthy workforce, we have pioneered the use of internal occupational health resources in the rail industry which has ensured a comprehensive understanding of the occupational health risks that face the modern rail workforce and has given rise to implement informed strategies to reduce the risks and promote pro-active healthy living initiatives.

We are dedicated to operate road vehicles in a safe, efficient and effective manner andensure continuous improvement in occupational road safety by minimising road vehicle related risks to our employees and others who may be affected by our operations through practical solutions.

We are fully committed in implementing the strategies and processes that contribute to the themes set in the VolkerWessels UK Corporate Responsibility Framework.