VolkerRail installing a gantry over track on a sunny day surrounded by trees

Our expertise

Whatever your project needs, from small scale maintenance and renewals through to the construction of new lines or introducing new technologies, our teams of experts can help.

Through our business structure, we can adapt to deliver all types of projects from smaller, niche and bespoke contracts to full major and multidisciplinary turnkey projects to re-establish disused railways, construct urban mass transit systems, and transform high speed mainline rail systems.

Our detailed knowledge of infrastructure systems, rail maintenance, and renewal and installation techniques allows us to drive innovation and efficiency, and offer bespoke services to reduce whole life costs.

Our experts stand out from the crowd to help our clients bring communities together, improve infrastructure, and provide better services for freight operators, train operators, and passengers.

Signalling gantry installation at Warrington March 2024


Investment in the modernisation and improvement of signalling across the UK continues to focus on both the replacement of life expired equipment and the development of European Train Control System.

We deliver complex design, construction, and testing and commissioning of signalling works – including interlocking renewals, re-control of lineside assets, new and relocated signals, location cases, point operating equipment, full and partial level crossing renewal, signal box refurbishment or renewal, together with all associated supporting disciplines.

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track at Feltham depot


The demand on rail infrastructure is forever increasing, and it is becoming more important to our clients that every line is maintained for maximum safety and reliability, and with minimal disruption to ensure availability for passengers.

Whether maintaining, renewing or upgrading existing lines, or building new infrastructure, we have a detailed understanding of ballasted and embedded track types, S&C and level crossings. This knowledge spans across high speed main lines, light rail networks, freight lines, depots, and private industrial locations.

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Rail operative looking up at an overhead line gantry being installed by VolkerRail using MEWPS and road rail vehicles on the Transpennine route upgrade project

Overhead line electrification

The sector is moving towards more sustainable travel that is better for the environment and quieter for passengers and those living close to the railway. 

To help our clients achieve their goal of an electrified network that promotes cleaner, more reliable travel, we have tailored our approach to provide a full turnkey service for the installation, maintenance and renewal of overhead line electrification equipment, offering support from early design stage, including ground investigations and lineside civils work, through to full install, test and commissioning of the electrification system.

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man in orange PPE testing telecoms equipment on track


Essential to connecting railway infrastructure, train operations, informing passengers and providing passenger services is strong telecommunications, Digitalising the network is key to improving reliability, safety and better communications.

Alongside our signalling capabilities, we provide design, supply, install and test services for operational and lineside telecommunication renewals, either as a single discipline provider, or as part of multidisciplinary project, to ensure end-to-end connectivity. We also offer these capabilities for station information and security systems.

main working on high voltage equipment

HV/LV distribution

Ensuring there is enough power to support the network is important. Therefore, alongside our overhead line electrification capabilities, we also provide specialist high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) installations work packages.

We cover distribution network operator terminals to track side switches, and helps our clients from design stage through to installation, jointing, testing, and commissioning, for successful entry into service.

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road rail vehicle with a piling hammer and a man in PPE watching


With vast experience in geotechnical installations, we understand how important it is to properly strengthen and support any structure, especially in areas with weak soil and earth.

With in-house road rail vehicles and a selection of piling attachments, we have the capability to deliver a wide range of piling solutions, using a variety of technologies.

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A picture of a base on rail


Signalling and electrification renewals require a lot of lineside civil engineering, for the installation of LOC's REB, gantry bases, ASG's, TSCs and more. 

To compliment the offerings from our wider teams, we undertake an array of lineside civils work. From feasibility studies, design and planning, we work with teams for start to finish. 

We also have the experience to complete under track crossings, concrete base and formation works.

four men working on a rail track design on the computer


Strong design management is core to any successful project. To enhance our signalling, power and telecoms capabilities we have in-house design teams that provide engineering specifications and designs for a range of depots, light rail and national rail projects.

From early contractor involvement, creating conceptual design through to detailed design and implementation for construction and installation projects, we deliver solutions that meet your needs.

With experience in information management systems and 3D design modelling, we can also provide innovative solutions, as well as cost and time savings.

aluminothermic welding.JPG


When laying track, its vitally important to ensure each section is meticulously welded together to strict parameters, depending on line speed, to create a strong and continuous section of track.

Aluminothermic welding involves the use of a molten metal alloy that reacts exothermically with rail to produce an extremely high temperature joint. This process is used for increasing rail lengths, and can also remove defects in rails (in certain instances). 

Our specialists provide aluminothermic welding to all types of rail sections and steel grades across all markets, and also help clients in planning and delivery, as well as quality assurance.

VolkerRail using ground investigation machines to investigate structure

Ground investigation

Before installation, it is vital to test the surrounding areas and undertake investigations into the strength of local soil and earth to reduce geotechnical risks.

We provide specialist engineers and equipment that test and analyse the environment, providing core design parameters for foundation and substructure design, as well as details of any contamination or key soil profiles that require addressing before work commences.