three people in shot doing training wearing white and blue hard hats


There is one vision we all share and that is to ensure everyone gets home safe and healthy every day.

Helping our people handle the demands and pressures of work, and providing the necessary support helps us create a healthy work-life balance.

We actively promote positive health and wellbeing, providing training and further learning and support to help with problems as and when they arise, as well as access to our occupational health service. 

Our strategic goals also identify specific health, safety, quality, and environmental risk. By looking within, learning from experience, and looking forward to where we need to be, allows us to continually improve.


Our safety ethos is 'our AIM', which seeks to empower and actively encourage the promotion of positive behaviours and an open culture, encompassing the following three key messages.

two men in PPE with one facing and smiling


We actively encourage positive behaviour and actions to ensure a safe, responsible, efficient and healthy working environment for our people, sub-contractors and stakeholders. 

This is further encouraged through our monthly AIM Awards, where employees, clients and subcontractors nominate those who have contributed to our performance in all aspects of health, safety, quality, environment and sustainability.

three men in orange PPE looking at paperwork on site


We lead by example and allow our people to have the opportunity to influence their own working environment, and that of others through effective two way communication. 

Our mental health initiative Building Relationships on Site (BROS) targeting our operational workforce is one of many ideas developed by our people for our people.

A group of people in orange PPE on a train station platform


Fair and consistent treatment of our people, sub-contractors and stakeholders through listening, involvement and recognition. 

For over a decade we have put those in leadership roles through formal training, and we encourage our people to voice their ideas around improving our safety performance.