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OTM Ballast Regulators

VolkerRail's OTM Ballast Regulating fleet provides specialist ballast formation requirements for both renewals and maintenance activities. These are operated by an experienced team of driver maintainer operators who have undergone a comprehensive training programme to enable efficient and reliable delivery of operations in excess of 99%.

Ballast Regulator

Our OTM Ballast Regulating fleet consists of 2 x Matisa R24s Ballast Regulators providing:

  • State of the art regulating equipment
  • Expertise and experience in regulating
  • Proven ability to deliver a reliable safe and efficient service
  • A driver maintainer/operator philosophy


  R24 Ballast Regulator
Mass (tonnes)  48
Working curve radius (metes)   150
Speed - self propelled (mph)  60
Length (mm)  18,530
Performance (KW power)  400.00

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