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Beaver lightweight tampers

Our Beaver lightweight tampers can be easily transported by road, quickly on-tracked, and are a highly reliable high output compact tamper.

Beaver tamper on the North Yorkshire Moors 8

Our team of driver maintainer operators, who are highly qualified and experienced, deliver a client focused service by providing:

  • Proven experience and expertise in tamping plain line and S&C
  • In-house engineering services
  • Integrated tamping and ballast profiling
  • Maintenance, renewals and construction support
  • Structured support packages for private network operators
  • High reliability and output
  • Strong environmental awareness on site
  • Cost effective operation
  • Easy and quick transport and on/off tracked
   S&C Beaver tamper   ALC plain line   
Mass (tonnes)  40  32
Working curve radius (metres)  50  80
Speed - Self propelled (mph)  25  20
Length (mm)  13.500  15.500
Performance (m/hr tamped)   300.00  300.00

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