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Quality and systems

We work with our people to continually improve our integrated management system (IMS), to ensure we maintain efficient, workable processes for our operations. We promote understanding of our IMS and its requirements at all levels of our company to improve consistency and reliability.

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Construction assurance

Construction assurance and build quality is critical to business success and we strive for right first time delivery.  

We engage with our people and supply chain to promote pride in your work and checking as you go.

Working in partnership with our engineers we have defined, robust discipline assurance processes which are fit for purpose and aligned with stakeholder requirements.

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Quality culture

As a company we are building a culture of willful compliance, where our workforce understands the importance of quality and what their role is in achieving it. 

We continue to promote the value of quality, and keep the emphasis on quality, assurance and governance in everything we do.

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British Quality Foundation Award

VolkerRail was a finalist in the BQF Being Excellent Award, for Best Team Award and for Emerging Leader