Continued support for gender diversity

To show our continued support for greater gender diversity in the rail industry, VolkerRail took part in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge; entering two teams on the day.

The challenge - a cross between 'It's a Knockout' and 'The Krypton Factor' - saw a balanced team of 50 percent female and 50 percent male members compete head-to-head in numerous mental and physical challenges.

VolkerRail's HSQE director, Stuart Webster-Spriggs, who attended the day and took part in the events said: "This event was a huge success, not only to promote gender diversity but also team building. A diverse workforce creates a better working environment, with wider scope for innovation, development and knowledge sharing."

"Our teams, made up of staff from across the whole business, expressed the same opinion in that the day was beneficial to the industry, VolkerRail and personally; in creating stronger relationships in a diverse environment."