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Network Rail’s Kirow crane to be operated by VolkerRail

Network Rail has appointed VolkerRail as the operator and maintainer for its new Kirow KRC 1200 crane.

The new crane, delivered to the UK in July, will help necessitate Network Rail’s increase in track construction and renewals work. 

For a minimum of two years, VolkerRail will work with Network Rail to complete a variety of projects across the UK’s rail network, including the lifting and removal of replacement railway switches and crossings, renewals of bridges and structures and the installation of large trackside electrical equipment. 

VolkerRail general manager, Mark Jackson said: “This award validates our consistency in being the UK’s leading Kirow crane operator. We were the first company to introduce the Kirow crane to the UK and have, from that day, ensured we lead the market in all operations.”

VolkerRail currently houses the UK’s biggest fleet of Kirow cranes, which includes a Kirow KRC 1200, with a 125 tonne capacity, a Kirow KRC 810, with a 125 tonne capacity and two extremely flexible lightweight Kirow KRC 250’s; which undertake 25 tonne lifts individually and are able to operate in tandem.

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