New live rail demonstrations at Rescue Day 2015

For the second year running VolkerRail is taking part in the live demonstrations at Rescue Day 2015, on Saturday 11th July.

Organised by Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, 7 Lakes Country Park, Humberside Police and other organisations, Rescue Day 2015 is a public event which allows visitors to witness, first-hand, major emergency services in action.

Rescue Day 2014 hosted the first ever live, public, demonstration away from the railway; showing the devastating impact of a level crossing vehicle accident and what is involved in rescuing those involved. Building on that success, this year’s event will host two demonstrations.

The first demonstration is based on a re-enactment of a level crossing incident, where a train has collided with a bus carrying passengers. The second demonstration is based on a re-enactment of a collision between a train and a tractor and trailer.

To ensure the demonstrations are as realistic as possible a level crossing scenario has been installed on site using 200 tonnes of ballast (stones that sit around the track), 100 rail sleepers, and 150m of rail-track. This demonstration is being supported by VolkerRail, Network Rail, Tata Steel, Humberside Fire and Rescue and the owner of 7 Lakes Country Park.

To support the demonstration, Heanor Haulage has delivered a train and teams from Network Rail and VolkerRail installed the level crossing, with a road crossing the tracks. A pedestrian level crossing has also been constructed, for visitors to see first-hand how vital safety is at crossings.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said: “This year Rescue Day will showcase two full sized rail/road crossing incident simulations to the public. Humberside Fire and Rescue Service have been working jointly with VolkerRail, Network Rail and Mr Dave Keedy, the owner of 7 Lakes Country Park, to ensure all aspects are in place ready for the day. Without this vital multi-agency approach and the generosity of sponsors, such vital road/rail crossing safety messages could not be demonstrated in such a realistic and dynamic environment to the public at large.”

Stuart Webster-Spriggs, HSQE director for VolkerRail, said: "Last year’s event was a huge success so we were delighted when asked to be involved in Rescue day 2015.

“Safety is at the core of our business and taking part in this event helps spread the message to stay safe while near a live railway line, not only to the industry but to those who interact with the railways on a day-to-day basis and may not be aware of the dangers it poses”.

Liz Pearson, community safety manager at Network Rail, said: “We are pleased to be supporting the eighth annual Rescue Day. We’re looking forward to meeting members of the public to explain about the important work that our colleagues do every day to keep people safe on the railway.

“Promoting safety on the railway and especially at level crossings is a key focus for Network Rail and events like this are a superb way to get the message across because, unfortunately, some people still take risks at level crossings.”


Rescue Day

Now in its eighth year, Rescue Day is the largest event of its kind in the world and brings together all rescue services and support organisations to give them the chance to show off their skills to the public in a realistic yet non critical environment.As well as showcasing the rescue services great work, the event also highlights how important safety is when on water, road or around fire and on the railway.

 The event is taking place on Saturday, 11 July at 7 Lakes Country Park in Crowle (North Lincolnshire). For more information about Rescue Day 2015, including ticket prices and travel information, visit