VolkerRail opens new head office in Doncaster

VolkerRail’s newly built head office was officially opened in Doncaster today by managing director, Steve Cocliff, VolkerWessels UK CEO, Alan Robertson and VolkerRail's longest serving member John Davison, general manager, who has been with the company for 43 years.

The move to Eagre House in J3 Business Park, on Carr Hill, Doncaster is the result of years of growth for VolkerRail, meaning the previous building became too small. The new office opening also marks the company’s 80th anniversary.

The office takes its name from the company’s first rail business, the Eagre Construction Company, which was established on 10 July 1946 by John Spafford. John Spafford formed his first construction company, Bowins & Spafford, in August 1935 and its core business involved building semi-detached houses in and around Lincoln.

The name ‘Eagre’ was derived from the River Trent tidal bore. John Spafford thought this was an apt title because he was confident that the company was going places and was sweeping towards the crest of a wave.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Steve Cocliff said: “Although we haven’t moved very far from our previous location on Carolina Court, we have come a long way since we started to operate from the previous office in 2001. We have a great team of people based in Doncaster who produce outstanding work. The new head office allows us to create an even closer working relationship as well as providing space for us to grow.

“Naming the building after our history reminds us how far we have grown in 80 years. I believe, as John Spafford did, that we are still sweeping towards the crest of the same wave”.

Establishing the new office in J3 Business Park, Doncaster also allows VolkerRail to link its head office staff to its overhead line training facility; which is located next door. This facility, which provides both technical and practical experience, was built to tackle the skills shortage in the railway industry.

The facility houses two 20m long training spans, which are used to undertake low level and high level training in controlled conditions, a signalling and points heating installation on ballasted track and supporting signalling, mechanical and electrical training equipment.