Beaver Tamper on Nexus

VolkerRail Plant Secures Tamping Contract with Nexus PTE

VolkerRail Plant has been awarded a contract by Nexus to provide tamping services on the Metro network.

Beaver Tamper on Nexus

The contract utilises the VolkerRail NL Beaver 90/ZW Tamper, complete with crew, which was previously used in the UK for the Ashford & Ramsgate train care depot contracts. This further demonstrates the excellent Inter-Group cooperation and integration of resources between VolkerRail and their sister company VolkerRail NL, based in the Netherlands.

The details of the contract were agreed at a meeting in Dordrecht, Netherlands on Tuesday 30th September and finalised in VolkerRail´s head office in Doncaster on Thursday 2nd October. The signing was the culmination of a rigorous process of vehicle acceptance, safety validation and compliance with the Nexus ‘Management of Contractors´ processes.

The contract commenced on 17th October with a very successful weekend blockade at Monkseaton, Tyne and Wear. The tamping shift began in the early hours of the morning and the machine operators worked proficiently to carry out works on; 6 complete turnouts, a 300m curve was re-canted, 500m associated plain line tamped and a 400m platform track was lifted and realigned to improve statutory clearances.

Senior Nexus managers were very impressed with the professionalism of the crew as they displayed great knowledge of the machine capabilities and were very keen to work on the Metro system. Also very evident was the positive and strong relationship between VolkerRail and VolkerRail NL through the integration of skills and collaborative approach that has been adopted.