VolkerRail to start second phase of the Supertram rail replacement works

This weekend, VolkerRail will start essential works to replace worn out track on the Sheffield Supertram Network, in order to extend the network’s lifespan.

Hillsborough (3).jpg

The first area of works affects services between Hillsborough and Middlewood until Friday 15 June.

Ben Gilligan, director of public transport at South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) said: “The tram network has been running now for nearly 25 years. With normal wear and tear over that length of time the tracks need to be replaced to ensure the system continues to run safely.

"These essential works are a continuation of a project started back in 2013 to replace 22 kilometres of track, and it will increase the lifespan of the Supertram network."

The works are planned in stages over the next three years. Each stage will be split into areas across the network to minimise passenger disruption. Five areas will be upgraded, within this second phase, from May through to September 2018.

SYPTE will keep customers informed about the works, bus and traffic diversions via its website