road rail vehicle with a piling hammer and a man in PPE watching


Before any structure is installed on the railway, we have to prepare a strong base and install foundations. Piling involves driving piles (in various forms) deep into the ground.

With vast experience in geotechnical installations, we understand how important it is to properly strengthen and support any structure, especially in areas with weak soil and earth.

We have a selection of road rail vehicles and piling attachments to deliver a wide range of piling solutions, using technologies including: sheet piling, CHS piling, helical ‘screw’ piling, H Section/King Post piling, concrete piling, and pre-cast piling, to install a full range of piles, of varying types and sizes.

We are experts in the installation of overhead line equipment, signal gantries, and platforms, along with structure removal and installation.

We are a RISQS approved and hold a Network Rail Principal Contractor’s License, are a Plant Operating Scheme provider, and offer CRE and engineering support teams, as well as safety critical staff.

We also have the ability to plan, approve and manage all any line open (ALO) requirements.

Gosforth depot with a RRV machine piling a steel circular pile

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