track at Feltham depot


Our detailed understanding of track design, construction, renewal and replacement techniques derives from decades of experience on high speed main lines, commuter routes, freight lines, depots, sidings and private industrial locations

The demand on rail infrastructure is forever increasing, and it is essential to our clients that every line is maintained for maximum safety and reliability, and with minimal disruption to ensure availability for passengers.

We have a full understanding of ballasted and embedded track types, junctions and level crossings, and our teams offer track engineering, routine maintenance, life extension works, and network overhaul, tailored to suit your needs.

From early planning through to construction or for general maintenance, our teams work as a single discipline provider or as part of multidisciplinary turnkey projects, delivering route upgrades or building new infrastructure to better connect communities.

Mass transit and urban light rail systems

We have a strong reputation in the construction, renewal and maintenance of light rail systems, with a particular expertise in embedded track forms. 

We understand the need for efficient working methods, and the importance of minimising disruption to communities served by these critically important systems. Our decades of experience ensures that our delivery solutions meet and exceed our client expectation, and we work hard to leave a positive impact with local residents.

Our services are also complimented by our in house welding teams, and our fleet of access, renewal and maintenance machines, which can work on heavy and light rail infrastructure.

New track being laid

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