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To support the unique installation, maintenance and operational requirements of the UK rail industry, VolkerRail provides and operates a broad spectrum of specialist plant and services.

From rail mounted Kirow cranes to hand-held equipment, the range of plant available and the services we provide is extensive. This is all backed up by our in-house training, planning and professional engineering teams.

Kirow 250 / 810 /1200 rail mounted cranes

VolkerRail has continually invested in leading edge technology including state of the art rail mounted cranes. We have a crane fleet ranging from the Kirow 1200, with its 125 tonne capacity,...

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Beaver lightweight tampers

Our Beaver lightweight tampers can be easily transported by road, quickly on-tracked, and are a highly reliable high output compact tamper.

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OTM S&C tamper

VolkerRail's on track machine (OTM) S&C Tamping fleet consists of; three Matisa B45 top range S&C machines, four Matisa B41 top range S&C machines and one Plasser and...

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Ballast Regulators

VolkerRail's OTM Ballast Regulating fleet provides specialist ballast formation requirements for both renewals and maintenance activities. These are operated by an experienced team of driver...

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VolkerRail offers piling solutions for installation of overhead line equipment, signal gantries and any other structure, using a variety of technologies, multi skilled in-house staff and...

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RRV / MEWPs and access plant

VolkerRail opperates a fleet of Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and other specialist access plant.

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Colmar T10000 Road Rail Excavator crane

VolkerRail's plant division has a fleet of heavy lifting Colmar road rail vehicles (RRV), cranes and excavators which are permitted to work next to rail lines open to traffic, with both...

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High output wiring system

During 2009 VolkerRail developed and UK certified, a three module high output wiring system, that enables conductor renewal at line tension, maximising the length of renewed section in...

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Komatsu PW-160-8 Road Rail Excavator crane

VolkerRail has a fleet of highly adaptable and flexible Komatsu Road Rail Vehicles (RRV's) which are permitted to work next to rail lines open to traffic.

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Small plant and equipment

VolkerRail holds an extensive range of specialist small plant and equipment, for use in the repair, maintainance, construction and renewal of heavy and light rail infrastructure.

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Aluminothermic rail welding

Our aluminothermic welding specialists provide aluminothermic welding to all types of rail sections and steel grades.

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