Blackpool depot

As part of Network Rail’s North West Electrification Phase 3 project, we modernised Blackpool North depot, to house and maintain the new fleet of electric trains for train operating company Northern Rail.

The upgrade was part of the Great North Rail Project – a vast programme of improvements to transform train travel for customers in the North.

The project saw the team complete changes to track layout, including the construction of new roads, install overhead line equipment and build a new train washing facility. 

Throughout the whole project, the depot remained fully operational and maintained service throughout the extensive works.  


The whole depot has undergone complete track reconfiguration works across the 17 lines. Track was relayed and the worn out wood sleepers replaced with new concrete sleepers. 


Prior to development, the depot was only designed to house diesel trains. To upgrade the depot, for Northern’s new fleet of electrified trains the team electrified the depot. 


To provide foundation support for the new overhead line structures, the team installed 80 CHS piles, between 3.5m – 7.5m long.