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British Steel - Scunthorpe

We provide long term maintenance for British Steel, at its integrated steel making site in Scunthorpe.

British Steel is a leading European steel manufacturer that supplies high-quality steel products around the world. Its road rail hub in Scunthorpe is used to move up to 10 million tonnes of iron, steel and raw materials per year. 

The site consists of 100 miles of track and over 300 turnouts, and features three separate sidings, which are used for loading and/or unloading trains. The network also has direct links to the exchange sidings and access to the Cleethorpes to Doncaster mainline. 

We have been supporting British Steel for over 30 years. Its extensive network is maintained by three regular teams - five workers per team plus point oilers and inspectors. Due to the nature of the work, there is always a five-person team on call, working a rota covering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

As part of the ongoing contract, we installed over 1,000 metres of track and three turn outs, to enable British Steel to transport coke (which is used for the blast furnaces, and was previously brought in via road using lorries) by rail, every day, to keep up with the demands of steel production. 

The maintenance contract involves regular inspections and scheduled maintenance. The inspections undertaken help to identify any high priority works, which we will undertake to alleviate potential track defects. We also provide a rerailing service; British Steel transport torpedoes that can weigh upwards of 500 tonnes, and if they derail we have operatives that specialise in getting the trains and the locomotives back onto the track.