VolkerRail, in partnership with Network Rail and Siemens Rail Automation, has completed work as part of the £100m upgrade in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire; constructing a new station and completing re-signalling and electrification works along the route, ready for the new passenger service requirements in spring 2017.

The project was split into two phases.

Phase one was completed in early 2016, following 12 months of detailed planning. VolkerRail undertook enabling works to assist Network Rail’s overall project programme, which included:

  • Establishing a fully operational site compound facility.
  • Undertaking principle contractor responsibilities.
  • Installing a new reinforced box culvert prior to the track re-modelling.

The new culvert was successfully installed, under three existing lines at Bromsgrove station, during a 59 hour, outside rules of the route, possession commencing on Christmas Eve 2015.

The second phase took place in October 2016, over a 12-day blockade. Completed ahead of schedule the team successfully removed and constructed new track and points, on the approach to the new Bromsgrove Station, bringing into use a new platform.

This project forms part of Network Rail’s Panel Framework. This five-year framework, awarded in October 2014, sees VolkerRail completing enhancements and renewals to the London North Western routes.