Ferryboat lane - Piling (1).png

Ferryboat Lane

We completed piling works on behalf of Construction Marine Ltd, who installed a new footbridge at Ferryboat Lane, Mexborough, for Network Rail.

We installed 88, FLI circular hollow section (CHS) screw piles, which were 6.55m long. The piles ranged in diameter, from 406.4mm and 193.7mm, and in size, with 2,650mm by 15mm helices, in three sections. 

The FLI designed and supplied screw piles offer no wet works, and can be installed in a matter of minutes, in conducive ground conditions, with little disruption to the surrounding areas. 

A CAT tracked machine, with a positive displacement (PD) 210 torque motor and a PD 80 torque motor, was used for the installation. Varying torque motors were chosen to ensure the correct design torque and depth were reached. 

Works were undertaken on mid-weekdays over the course of four weeks, under ALO. 

Due to the challenging ground conditions and the piles design length and diameter, we allocated a 60 minute allowance per pile, installing ten piles per day. 

To coincide with the installation of the piles, we also fitted all transfer plates. These were needed to allow Construction Marine Ltd to attach the pedestrian footbridge.