South Yorkshire tram

South Yorkshire Supertram replacement works

VolkerRail is back in Sheffield to undertake rail replacement works on South Yorkshire Supertram .

The South Yorkshire Supertram is one of the region’s best loved modes of transport, and VolkerRail has been working with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) since 2010 to extend the lifespan of the network, improve comfort and reduce noise in areas where tracks are currently worn.

The works form part of their ongoing maintenance programme and are critical to providing passengers with a better travel experience, as well as lowering the risk of network closures on safety grounds.

Close to 2,000m of track will be replaced in 2024, across three phases, with 200m to be replaced in May. Work will be undertaken at key points across the summer, and wherever possible, will coincide with school holidays to minimise disruption.

Community engagement

To help local residents and passengers stay up to date with rail replacement works across the South Yorkshire Supertram network, VolkerRail has launched a community engagement channel through a platform called Site Podium.

The community engagement channel is part of VolkerRail’s wider communication strategy to ensure effective engagement with local communities, and will be used to share regular updates throughout the project, allowing for a better understanding of the work, along with progress images, working schedules, traffic management plans, and interviews with the team. The app also contains contact and feedback sections for questions, allowing enquires to be sent directly to the project team, which can be answered in real time.

To follow our channel, simply download Site Podium to your Android or Apple device. Once downloaded, click the search icon and type ‘South Yorkshire Supertram’. The project will then show, allowing you to see updates, and follow.

You can also visit the channel via this link: