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Meet Ewan Rudd

Ewan Rudd is one of over 20 VolkerRail apprentices, and is currently working as an environmental advisor for our Plant division, based in Scunthorpe.

Whilst working, Ewan will also study for a five-year, Level 6 degree apprenticeship in Environmental Management through Anglia Ruskin University.

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Why did you choose a degree apprenticeship?

Whilst I was studying for my A-levels and reached the stage where everyone decides to apply for university, I suddenly knew this wasn’t the right option for me. I wanted to learn on the job and gain real-life experience.

After doing some research, I realised I could undertake a degree apprenticeship, allowing me to still achieve a degree (albeit it would take a little longer than at university), whilst also earning a salary.

One of my A-level options was geography, and this is what really sparked my interest in the world around me, and in looking after our environment. When I saw VolkerRail was offering an apprenticeship in this field, I leapt at the chance, as I knew this was something I would love to do.

What made you choose VolkerRail?

I have always had a huge interest in trains, starting from when I was a child, but I always thought the rail industry involved mainly on-site working and that it didn’t offer anything like this career path, and was more suited to those looking for engineering type roles.

When I saw the opportunity for my current role, it really proved me wrong. I was surprised at how much the rail industry has to offer for young people.

There is also so much that goes on behind the scenes, that I never thought of, such as tender writing, quantity surveying and social value activity, which is really interesting to learn about.

What do you get up to day-to-day?

I started my apprenticeship in October 2022, so I am still new. Nevertheless, I manage an exciting range of tasks and get to take ownership of my work which is great.

Day-to-day, I am responsible for looking into waste management, analysing carbon data, and looking at ways to improve the environmental aspects of the plant division.

I have also been able to gain my PTS, and OLEC 1 competencies, all with the help of my colleagues and line manager.

What do you enjoy about your apprenticeship?

I like the fact that I get to work at the plant depot. Being interested in trains and getting to see the fleet of OTMs, and RRV’s is a great experience. I also get to be involved in depot inspections, which I really enjoy, as it mixes my passion with my daily duties.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

Yes, definitely. It is a great alternative to university and allows you to get your foot in the door in a workplace straight away. You also get the advantage of gaining practical experience from lots of industry experts.

I like that I am able to learn things first-hand, whilst also undertaking full time employment, and I have found my experience with VolkerRail to be very fulfilling.

I would have to say that taking on an apprenticeship is the best decision I’ve made, and I look forward to enjoying a rewarding career with VolkerRail. I can see from my colleagues that there is a brilliant career path here.

Interested in an apprenticeship with VolkerRail?

Apprentices are an integral part of our business, as they help to introduce new professionals to the industry, allowing them to obtain the skills needed to become qualified and to enjoy a successful career with us. Interested in finding out about our apprenticeships? Click here to read more.

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