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Meet Malaika Jamil

Malaika Jamil is an engineering apprentice, specialising in civil engineering, and is currently working on our Hope Valley Railway Upgrade Project.

Whilst working on the project, Malaika is also studying to obtain a degree in civil engineering at Sheffield Hallam University.

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Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

My parents always recommended a degree apprenticeship, as it helps you build a career with a company, whilst learning. I noticed a lot of graduates struggle to find a job after graduating, but an apprenticeship eliminates this risk.

I also wanted to have a mixture of practical and theory-based learning and be amongst a wide range of professionals who can help me learn.

What made you choose VolkerRail?

I learnt about VolkerRail on an open day. Prior to this, I didn’t consider working in the rail sector, but when I heard about the Hope Valley Railway Upgrade project and more about the company, I knew this would be a great business to work for.

Why did you choose civil engineering?

I have always been interested in engineering, as I went to an engineering high school, but I wasn’t too sure what career pathway I wanted to go down.

My interest in civil engineering started when I helped my Dad with building a house, It was great to see the end result and to know I helped out in its completion. From then on, I knew I wanted to specialise in civil engineering, and it made it easier to narrow down my career choices.

What is a typical day as an engineering apprentice?

I’m involved in civil engineering structures on the project, such as the new platform and bridge. I begin by looking at the design drawings and have also been making inspection task plans.

I also have time in the office to allow me to get on with my studies so that I can obtain my degree, making the balance between work and studies much easier.

What have you enjoyed the most about your apprenticeship so far?

I have enjoyed meeting new people and going out on site. It’s great to go out and look at everything up close and see all the drawings come to life. I’ve also been able to meet a few people from Network Rail, which was a great opportunity.

It’s also helpful that I have people around me who have years of experience and are full of knowledge, as they’re always willing to help and assist me with any questions.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship, as you get lots of experience that you probably wouldn’t get if you chose university full time. I also know VolkerRail offers a graduate scheme, so I can already see a clear progression route.

I can definitely see myself building a career with VolkerRail. Everyone is so nice and it’s easy to fit in and work with the team.

Interested in an apprenticeship at VolkerRail?

VolkerRail offers a range of apprentice roles, from engineering to administrative office-based roles, to help people gain a qualification and a successful career for life.

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